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General MotorsDie opskrif van nuus24 oor Genneral Motors se besluit om aan Suid Afrika te onttrek, word in Nuus 24 as ‘n mosie van wantroue in Suid Afrika beskou.

In die vyftig en sestigerjare het jong seuns lekker gestry oor wie se pa dan nou ‘n beter voertuig ry. ‘n Chev of ‘n Ford. Dit was amper soos die verskil tussen Sap en Nat! Dat GM vir baie jare deel van Suid Afrika se motorhandel was en nou totaal onttrek, het meer as net ‘n swak ekonomie as oorsprong vir die onttrekking.

Sedert 1926 was GM in Suid Afrika betrokke. Hoewel dit nie gesê word nie, speel politiek ‘n belangrike rol in GM se besluit. Vakbonde se willekeurige stakings wat produksie skaad terwille van hoër lone en wat meermale gepaard gaan met beskadiging van eiendom en bedreiging van lewe, is in die huidige politieke klimaat van gebrek aan wet en orde, waarskynlik ‘n belangrike oorweging vir onttrekking uit Suid Afrika.

Dat die vakbond Numsa die vermetelheid het om te verwag dat enige organisasie in Suid Afrika eers aan hulle moet rapporteer voordat hulle besluit om besigheid in Suid Afrika te staak, is aanduidend van die diktatoriale klimaat wat reeds heers in Suid Afrika.

Die Amerikaanse President Donald Trump se verkiesingsaanduidings van die herstel van die Amerikaanse ekonomie, kan ook deel vorm van GM se besluit om te konsentreer op die vraag in Amerika self. Onder die opskrif:Why did GM decide to do this? Is een van die verduidelikings as volg.

(•Globally, GM firmly believes there are opportunities where it can achieve greater return on investment – in specific vehicle segments and markets where the outlook for growth is very strong (business adjacencies, SUVs and crossovers, U.S. and China)

Dit strook met Donald Trump se stellings in sy inhuldigingstoespraak van: “We will follow two simple rules: Buy American and Hire American.” Indien hy daarby bly, wat nog bewys moet word, verklaar GM motors se optrede begrip vir die waarde en potensiaal van nasionalisme en NUMSA se optrede die verval envernietiging van die infrastruktuur van Suid Afrika!

Rich local history up in smoke

General Motors was the second major car company to set up manufacturing operations in South Africa and the first locally-produced Chevrolet product rolled off the line way back in 1926. GM disinvested from South Africa in 1985, but an upper management buyout soon saw the formation of the Delta Motor Corporation, which continued to build and sell Opel, Isuzu and Suzuki products until GM reinvested in the mid-nineties, starting with a 49 percent stake in 1997 and finally buying out all of Delta's shares in 2004.

General Motors, meanwhile intends to pull the plug on its local operations, with the Chevrolet brand set to be taken off the market by end of 2017. Not only does this mean ending production of the locally manufactured Chevrolet Utility bakkie and Spark hatchback, but imports of the Cruze, Captiva and Trailblazer will cease

Why did GM decide to do this?

•This is a business decision, based on GM’s global business priorities.

•There have been significant changes to the global industry over the last few years, and our global strategy has evolved with these changes.

•The most significant industry change has been the emergence of mobility (autonomous/ride sharing/electrification/connectivity) as a service and as a long-term growth opportunity.

•Globally, GM firmly believes there are opportunities where it can achieve greater return on investment – in specific vehicle segments and markets where the outlook for growth is very strong (business adjacencies, SUVs and crossovers, U.S. and China


 May 18, 2017 The Herald

The National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (NUMSA) says it will be consulting lawyers regarding General Motors’ (GM) announcement to pull its operations out of South Africa.

“This is the second time that GM is pulling out of South Africa‚ and as NUMSA we smell a rat. We suspect that the shareholders got a very good deal at the expense of the workers. The company has already shut down the plant and has indicated that they will meet with us to discuss the latest developments‚ but that is after the fact‚” Numsa general secretary Irvin Jim said.

Numsa claims GM acted unilaterally and did not inform the union of this decision.

“As a result we are consulting lawyers to see what legal avenue we have in resolving this crisis. Isuzu will be taking over operations at GM‚ but we doubt that they will absorb all the workers who used to work at those plants.”

The US car maker announced on Thursday that it was pulling out of South Africa and Isuzu will take over the firms operations in Port Elizabeth. GM workers were informed of the decision at a meeting at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on Thursday morning.

“There are over one thousand employees at GM and five hundred of those are based in the Chevrolet division. The vast majority of employees are NUMSA members. As a trade union we are surprised that GM chose to convey this announcement in this way. There was no consultation with the union‚ and furthermore‚ the company has not divulged any details about the fate of its employees affected by this restructuring. By shutting down operations in South Africa this will have a major impact not just on GM plants‚ but for companies along the value chain as well‚” Jim said..

Numsa said it is concerned that GM has already indicated that it might retrench workers and that it intends to issue section 198 and 197 notices.

“If these discussions are indeed taking place then it is likely that GM knows how many employees will be retained‚ and how many will be retrenched. We are expecting to meet with the management of GM soon to discuss these matters.

“Now that GM has made it clear that it is disinvesting in the country‚ we will also probe whether this is not an agenda by the car company to dump the remainder of its cars on the South African market. If they proceed with dumping‚ we will take up a campaign to prevent them in light of the fact that they are disinvesting in the country.

“We stand with our members during this difficult time‚” said Jim.





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